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About AlderHam

Learn more about our story and how we plan to contribute to the no-code industry and community.

Our story

Founded in 2019 by Jacob Ham, a New College Durham design graduate and Adobe Awards winner, AlderHam was born as an agency that tells inspiring stories that impact people's lives.

Today, AlderHam now strives to help others learn various aspects of building without writing code through a collection of over 1,000 courses, guides and resources.

"When I first launched AlderHam, I loved working with clients, but I always loved the process of building, shipping and maintaining a live product or service. And during the multiple lockdowns, I slowly became consumed by wanting to learn no-code, and somehow as I learned more, the more I felt AlderHam's purpose was to teach no-code." - Jacob Ham

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Our values

At AlderHam, we're big believers in the power of learning being simple and accessible. We're 100% dedicated to building something the no-code community can use and trust.

We want you to learn while incentivising you to start small and work your way up. From step-by-step documentation to challenging you to build, we create every article, lesson and course to make your life easier.

Join our community

Share your work, get support and network with other members of the no-code community.